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Nov 24, 2021

SGB attorneys Peter O’Neil, Tom Breen, and Sergio Garcidueñas-Sease helped Meike’s son, Niclas Foster, get to the bottom of what caused his mother’s death – an automotive fire caused by nesting rodents, coupled with the vehicle’s poorly executed design.

Smelling a Rat: An Automotive Fire Caused by Rodents and a Poorly Executed Design
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Aug 13, 2019

SGB’s Sims Weymuller and Liz McLafferty have filed lawsuits against Monsanto alleging Roundup exposure has caused ...

Lawsuit Against Monsanto - Roundup Exposure
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Jun 11, 2019

Exposure to Monsanto’s Roundup™, the most widely used herbicide in the United States, may cause cancer and other serious injuries. The World Health Organization (WHO) determined that glyphosate, the active chemical in the herbicide, is a Group 2A agent, citing it as “probably carcinogenic to humans.”

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Jul 06, 2015

If you drive a Chrysler, you should look into the various recalls; it might help you to avoid driving a vehicle that is defective and dangerous.

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Oct 30, 2014

We’ll be following up with a posting on post-accident things to explore in order to see if, unbeknownst to you, your accident was the result of an auto-defect.

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Oct 28, 2014

Whether it is a catastrophic injury or a mass tort, SGB is a leader in product liability litigation.

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Jun 11, 2014

The 24 chapter Deskbook is a comprehensive treatise, covering all areas of product liability litigation in Washington State.

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Mar 19, 2014

General Motors announced last month that is has recalled the Chevrolet Cobalt which has been linked to fatal accidents due to a faulty ignition switch.

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Mar 11, 2014

On March 3, 2014, Washington’s Court of Appeals handed down an opinion favorable to hardworking people exposed to asbestos.

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Jul 26, 2013

Two boiler companies recently learned the hard way when a New York City jury awarded a $190 million verdict against Cleaver Brooks Inc and Burnham LLC.