You may. You won’t know until you have contacted a product liability attorney. There are tight timelines for filing a lawsuit, so as soon as you suspect you may have been harmed by a product, bring it to a qualified product liability attorney right away.
You are welcome to, but we don’t think it’s necessarily a good idea. You want to speak to a local law firm, not a national advertiser who collects cases and distributes them. To learn more, see our section on why a local firm is superior to a national one.
We operate on a contingent fee. If we recover funds for you, we are paid out of those funds; if we do not recover funds for you, you do not pay us for any attorney work we have performed.
We’re a leading product liability law firm in Washington state and the greater Pacific Northwest. We have a reputation for excellence and we take a back seat to no one. We have a track record for going toe-to-toe against the larger product manufacturers. We push cases to trial if that’s in our client’s best interest. We treasure our reputation; we’ve spent 50 years developing it. Most of all, we are about our clients and will fight for their rights.
Call us or write us. We’ll put a legal professional on the matter to learn as much as we can about your case. We’ll next elevate the matter to our attorneys who will give it careful consideration and inform you as to the next steps. It’s a simple, streamlined approach.

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