Auto Defects: Why are so many Deadly Cars on the Road?

Product Liability
Oct 30, 2014

You would think that with the advancement of technology that it would translate into safer automobiles. It doesn’t. Sure, many of the problems of yesteryear have long been resolved –the fuel tank problems of the Ford Pinto are thankfully no longer with us. But they’ve been replaced by other defects, many of which are electronically activated features of the modern car, such as sudden acceleration or air bag defects. Yesterday’s New York Times opinion piece by Clarence Ditlow and Ralph Nader, entitled Weak Oversight, Deadly Cars explains how this all happened: industry regulators have been captured by industry itself. And when money trumps, safety recalls that should be promptly issued, aren’t.

We’ll be following up with a posting on post-accident things to explore in order to see if, unbeknownst to you, your accident was the result of an auto-defect. Meanwhile, SGB and its team of auto-defect lawyers urge you to check the website or the NHTSA recall website to see if the car you are driving has been recalled.