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Firm News Personal Injury & Wrongful Death |
Jul 02, 2024

A Washington State Superior Court has dismissed a lawsuit against injured skydive customer Jaime Beenen, brought by Skydive Toledo, a company based in Lewis County that provides training and facilitation of skydiving. The court’s order requires Skydive Toledo to pay Beenen’s attorney fees after the company sued Beenen for initiating her own lawsuit when she suffered injuries that rendered her quadriplegic at the skydive outfit.

Firm News Employment Law |
Nov 01, 2023

Cori Latousek was held to different standards than her counterparts and experienced targeted and unfair discrimination based on her gender and sexuality.

Firm News |
Jun 20, 2023

Chen-Chen Jiang’s passion for working with underserved communities initially drove her toward a career in teaching. After graduating from college, she joined Teach For America in Detroit as a kindergarten teacher and later became a teacher coach, which she describes as one of the most challenging yet rewarding experiences of her life.