Jamal Whitehead



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Jamal is kind, knowledgeable & super helpful

I am so grateful to Jamal, he was able to provide me with sound advice in a super respectful and kind way. He thoroughly reviewed my situation and guided me to a decision that ultimately saved me money, time, aggravation and made me feel good about it. He is sincere, honest and knows his area of law so well that I left feeling completely confident in the decision he had recommended.



Jamal Whitehead is a perfect example of the absolute best case scenario client representation. When you are looking for a lawyer you hope you are making the right decision. Jamal was hands down fantastic! He is sharp, highly intelligent, strategic, thoughtful and displays a considerate bed-side manner that most lawyers lack. He listens carefully and takes his time to ensure that he truly understands every detail of your case. He is patient and compassionate which is invaluable when dealing with clients such as myself who are simultaneously working through emotional trauma while seeking justice. Jamal has this fierce side to him that you wouldn’t initially assume but once you see him in action, fighting on your behalf, you can’t help but sit back and appreciate his craft and skill. I couldn’t possibly be anymore satisfied with the representation, guidance and support that I received from Jamal. Thank you, Jamal! You rock!