Lindsay Halm



Bad experience made good (right) By Lindsay and team…

Lindsay was wonderful, understanding and very attentive. I would recommend her to anyone!


Life changing!

I hired Mrs. Halm to assist me with an employment discrimination situation while I was battling breast cancer. Mrs. Halm was the epitome of professional, compassionate, honest, encouraging and when it came down to it, she fought for me until my former employer was begging for a settlement. Lindsay kept in constant communication with me, keeping the facts true and straight was very important to her, and her professional advice never failed. Every decision made was my own, but with Lindsay and Marty's advice and encouragement, I always felt confident in them. They were so caring that they sent me flowers and words of strength as I went through cancer treatments. Lindsay was a beacon of light during one of the most darkest times in my life. In the end, I received a compensation settlement far beyond what I had hoped for-all because Lindsay never stopped believing in and fighting for me. I could never thank them enough.


5 Stars Aren’t Enough

Lindsay Halm is as good as they come and I consider myself lucky to have found her to represent me. Before her, I had spoken with eight different attorneys and none of them felt right. The minute we shook hands and sat down for a consultation, I knew she was the one. She is humble, collected, whip smart, personable and a force to be reckoned with. She is strategic, intentional and has an impeccable attention to detail. I have never had to seek legal counsel prior to working with her and at the close of my case I feel like I had learned so much about discrimination laws and the legal system by the sheer fact that she was able to translate legalese into layman's terms. Every step as my case progressed, she took a great deal of time to explain what was happening, why and what I could expect next. She presented me with options along with her professional opinion which I grew to value and depend on. My case had many layers and players and she dove in to learn and understand every single possible detail there was to know. When Lindsay believes in your case she will fight hard until the end and even then, she is prepared to go that extra mile. She was encouraging and considerate when I felt like I was going to melt into an emotional mess. She was my personal cheerleader fighting for justice and a better future for me, my family and all the other people who were in my situation. She knows what great looks like and is an admirable steward of the legal system. In short, Lindsay is a boss.