Sims Weymuller



Mr. Weymuller is effective, dependable, and graceful throughout the entire process

You have suffered a life-changing injury. Mr. Weymuller will be your port in the storm while you navigate the complicated process of trying to recover physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, socially, professionally, and personally. Mr. Weymuller is effective, dependable, and graceful throughout the entire process. There are some reputable firms with experienced lawyers who have excellent skills, but they make it very obvious they are very busy managing many other clients. Mr. Weymuller is consistently approachable and available to answer all your questions or concerns, and does not make you feel like you are ever bothering him. If anything, Mr. Weymuller’s strong capacity for both active listening and complex thinking empowered me to focus on my healing while in the midst of a case. He is reliable with his colleagues, dedicated to his clients, and impressively contributes to the community outside of the office. Mr. Weymuller was patient and responsive to medical providers providing him a degree of thoroughness and humility about my life before, during, and after the injury. He is consistently prepared and ready for all the differentiated and personalized approaches to your case, and you will be updated and informed every step of the way. What makes Mr. Weymuller a unique lawyer is that Mr. Weymuller trusts his client, and his client trusts him. Every client should have the honor of being represented by Mr. Weymuller.

Couldn’t have asked for better

I couldn't have asked for better representation for my case. Mr. Weymuller and his team were professional, thorough, and caring. The whole office went above and beyond to ensure that I was cared for in the best possible way.

I feel so fortunate to have been represented by Mr. Weymuller.


Attorney client

We hired Sims to provide advice about whether to bring a legal malpractice case involving unique facts. He talked through the case with me, offered his breadth of experience in the area, and ultimately suggested carefully-worded allegations that helped to resolve the dispute. Sims is not just bright; he’s also energetic and accessible. Clients are in good hands with Sims.

Adrienne McEntee

Privilege to have worked with Sims

Sims and his associate Joe are very knowledgeable, thorough, and hard-working attorneys. They would not stop until the work was complete. They represented us in a legal malpractice case that had many contingencies and complexities. They stuck with it through every turn and helped resolve our litigation. I would recommend them in a heartbeat. They have shown me that there are attorneys who are human and that not all are despicable.