THR Washington II, LP and THR Property Management, LP dba Invitation Homes

Firm News

In April 2017, SGB, together with the Law Offices of Jonathan Rudnick, filed a class action lawsuit against Rainier Dodge, Inc., alleging violation of written pay plans it entered into with its salespeople. The lawsuit alleges that Rainier Dodge inflated certain “costs” on new and used vehicles in order to reduce the employees’ overall commissions.

The Court entered an order granting final approval of the settlement on April 19, 2019, and settlement checks were mailed to the class on June 11, 2019. If you did not receive a settlement check and worked for THR Washington II or THR Property Management between April 2015 and the present, please contact our paralegal, Sheila Cronan, at (206) 233-1221 or (1-800) 809-2234.