Sergio Garcidueñas-Sease



Personal Injury

Sergio represented me in a personal injury case and was very good at explaining every step of the process and my options. Dealing with the insurance companies left me feeling overwhelmed and having Sergio as my advocate really alleviated the stress of the situation. Due to the accident and the medical bills, I was placed in collections. Sergio was able to correct my credit report...


Personal Injury Representation and Guidance

Dealing with adverse insurance companies can be very daunting and overwhelming. Before seeking advice from Sergio, I felt as if my case did not stand a chance. Sergio took the time to carefully listen to not only the facts of the incident but also how I felt about the whole situation. He was very accommodating and thoroughly explained my rights to me, while also detailing what legal remedies were available. He gave me a list of suggestions, but ultimately enabled me to make the final decision. I do not wish any personal injury cases on anybody, but if such an incident occurs, I highly recommend Sergio.