Attorney Sims Weymuller joins SGB Personal Injury and Product Liability Practices

Firm News
Mar 12, 2012

SEATTLE (March 15, 2012) – SGB has announced that Sims Weymuller has joined SGB. Sims is known for his intellect, his tenacity, and his dedication to clients. He will work on Personal Injury, Product Liability, Medical and Legal Negligence

Sims brings to SGB a decade of experience litigating complex matters. But he’s more than an outstanding lawyer and trusted advocate; he is a leader in our profession. Recently, he chaired the WSBA’s Professionalism Committee and the WSBA Lawyers’ Fund for Client Protection Board. He regularly writes and lectures on topics of professionalism and ethics.

“Sims is an extroardinary advocate, orator and all around human being,” notes SGB attorney Briteney Mercer. “Sims is passionate about his work and one of the most intelligent lawyers that I know. He is dedicated to his clients and goes above and beyond the call of duty.”

SGB’s Personal Injury team represents people who have been seriously injured by the negligence of companies, government agencies, and others. The Product Liability group represents people who have been seriously injured or made very ill by unsafe or defective products. The Medical Malpractice group represents those who have been seriously injured as a result of a doctor or other health care provider negligent acts. Sims will continue to work with clients on Legal Negligence matters.