Insulation 4 Less

Firm News

In August 2020, SGB’s co-counsel, the Mendez Law Firm, filed a class action lawsuit in King County Superior Court against Insulation 4 Less, Inc. alleging that Insulation 4 Less failed to pay insulation installers for all hours worked and failed to provide them with all legally required rest breaks and second meal breaks. In September 2022, a proposed settlement agreement was reached on behalf of the putative class of insulation installers.

If you were employed by Insulation 4 Less as an insulation installer at any time between August 27, 2017, and October 21, 2021, you may be entitled to an award under the settlement. If you have any questions or to provide us with your current contact information, please contact our legal assistant, Mary Dardeau at (206) 233-1257 or (800) 809-2234 or [email protected]