Sexual Assault Awareness Month: Online and Local Resources for Survivors and Supporters

Sexual Assault & Harassment Firm News
Apr 29, 2022

In King County, thousands of individuals are impacted each year by sexual assault. Beyond our region, that number only grows higher, with sexual assault occurring every 68 seconds across the U.S. In our work advocating for survivors of sexual assault and harassment, we continually look for ways to share resources and provide support, and Sexual Assault Awareness Month each April presents a meaningful opportunity to amplify important information for survivors and allies alike.

This year, Sexual Assault Awareness Month is focused specifically on building safe online spaces together, with the aim of ending harassment, cyberbullying, and sexual abuse and exploitation, which have become unavoidable behaviors online.

In the Seattle area, organizations like the King County Sexual Assault Resource Center (KCSARC) play a leading role in connecting survivors and community members with actionable information that empower them to take appropriate next steps in the aftermath of sexual assault. We’re proud to support KCSARC in their work this month and beyond by sharing resources you can access now and in the future:

Other local organizations like the Sexual Violence Law Center (SVLC) offer free legal representation for some of the collateral impacts of sexual assault on the lives of survivors throughout Washington state – providing legal advice and assistance on protections orders, barriers to housing, campus sexual assault hearings, protecting cyber rights, immigration relief, and employment consequences. A survivor experiences on average 18 to 19 collateral legal issues related to their assault, and working with attorneys to address these multiple legal needs can assist in long-term healing.

Outside of Seattle, there are numerous advocacy groups and support networks available to sexual assault survivors as well. Often a simple internet search for “sexual assault resources” in your geographic area will provide numerous options for counseling, medical exams, and victim advocacy. Sexual assault often results in survivors feeling isolated and without recourse, but there are many resources available for those with the strength to ask for help.

At SGB, our sexual assault and harassment practice was built by former prosecutors who have spent decades holding people accountable for their crimes. We understand the deeply personal, emotional and traumatic impact that pursuing justice has on those affected by sexual assault and harassment, and we have dedicated our practice to empowering our clients to fight back.

If you or a loved one is struggling, consider connecting them with available resources or reach out to us to speak to a legal expert for a complimentary, no-requirements conversation.