Becky Roe honored with WSAJ's President's Award

Firm News
Oct 09, 2018

“Becky is a role model to all of us; she’s fearless in any battle, but she’ll never fight dirty; she listens as much as she advocates; she puts her clients first and she’ll deflect any praise you send her way. Congrats, Becky!” – SGB’s Lindsay Halm

WSAJ’s outgoing President Darrell Cochran of Pfau Cochran Vertetis Amala PLLC had this to say about his choice:

“Becky deserved the WSAJ President’s award for a hundred different reasons but particularly so in my mind because she has served the organization for so many years, in so many capacities, and continues to do so now years after her own WSAJ Presidency with such vitality and political sensibility to help and mentor the next generations of leaders in the organization. Whether it is the Amicus Committee or the Washington Pattern Jury Instruction Committee or whatever ad hoc committees we create in the moment to solve a problem, Becky is always there for WSAJ with maximum involvement and attention, and our debt of gratitude as an organization is limitless.” Congrats Becky and a big thank you for your stalwart service to this organization!”