Terri Weintraub




I have worked in the legal industry for over 20 years and have been the Head of Operations at SGB for the past six years. In my current role, I have overall management responsibilities for human resources, technology, marketing, and facilities and thrive in our fast paced, hardworking, and compassionate work environment.

In each of my prior roles, I have partnered with leaders and staff to develop and drive strategy, improve business processes, and manage complex projects and teams of employees. While the scale, complexity, and pace of my roles varied, each valued having a leader that was a partner to the practice, someone who could connect equally well with client-facing and support staff alike.

It is a privilege and a pleasure to work with people who care so deeply about their SGB family and those who have been harmed. In my spare time, I like play tennis, pickleball, golf, and fly fish.