SGB's Campagna successful result in Clemency Project

Dec 27, 2016

SGB attorney Joe Campagna recently obtained executive clemency for two federal inmates serving long sentences for minor drug offenses.

Joe was pleased and honored to represent his clients with the help and guidance of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers’ Clemency Project 2014. The Clemency Project was created when, after realizing the existing system could not possibly process all of the clemency applications being submitted, the President asked the legal profession to provide pro bono assistance to federal prisoners who would likely have received a shorter sentenced if they’d been sentenced today.

Joe had represented many clients in criminal cases, and knew the injustices that could result from mandatory sentencing laws, so he answered the President’s call to service. As a result of the mandatory drug sentencing laws then in effect, both of Joe’s clients were sentenced to decades in prison, and served over a decade each. They had also worked hard to change their lives while in prison–taking classes, learning job skills, and avoiding trouble. Both have large and loving families who are thrilled to be welcoming home their loved one.

It was a highlight of Joe’s career to share this good news with his clients and their families. Although the future of the Clemency Project is uncertain, Joe hopes that criminal justice reform remains a goal for future administrations.