DirecTV LLC/AT&T, Inc.

Firm News

In April 2017, SGB filed a class action lawsuit against DirecTV LLC (now known as AT&T, Inc.) for failing to pay its service/installation technicians for all hours worked, including time spent driving to job sites, attending meetings, and restocking vehicles.

On May 21, 2018, the U.S. Supreme Court in a case called Epic Systems v. Lewis, upheld the enforceability of arbitration agreements requiring workers to pursue their wage claims through individual arbitration. SGB believes all or most DirecTV technicians, including the named plaintiff in this case, has signed such agreements. Therefore, DirecTV technicians who wish to pursue wage claims for unpaid drive time and other uncompensated work time must do so through individual arbitration claims.

If you have any questions regarding claims against DirecTV for drive time, please contact our paralegal, Sheila Cronan, at (206) 233-1221 or (800) 809-2234.