Social Security Disability

Lupus Disability

If you have lupus, you may be eligible for Social Security disability and/or SSI benefits. The attorneys at Schroeter Goldmark & Bender understand lupus and have represented hundreds of people with lupus navigate the Social Security bureaucracy and get the Social Security benefits they deserve.

Do you qualify?

Under Social Security’s rules, there are two ways that you can qualify for benefits if you have lupus.

  1. You are considered disabled if you meet the specific criteria set forth by Social Security in their listing of impairments. The list is quite specific and includes things like severe fatigue, fever, and either major involvement of at least one major organ or body system or lesser involvement of two.
  2. Even if you don’t meet the exact criteria, if your symptoms from lupus interfere with working a regular full-time job, you may be disabled based on the “medical vocational guidelines.” For example, if flares in your symptoms cause you to miss work several times a month, you may be found disabled.

Let us help you.

There is no charge for us to review your potential claim. If we take your case, we do so on a contingency basis, meaning that you don’t pay our fees unless we successfully resolve the claim in your favor. Contact us for a free, confidential case review or call us at (800) 809-2234.

Get the latest Social Security news and read our attorneys’ views on the issues. 

How SGB helps.

The attorneys at SGB will treat you with the kindness and compassion you deserve. We meet with clients early in the process and have caring and helpful staff who promptly return calls.

Because we practice in and around Seattle, we have appeared in front of the same judges hundreds of times. We will work with your doctors and other healthcare providers to get the medical evidence to support your case.

We can help you file your application for Social Security disability and/or SSI benefits. And if you have been denied benefits, we can help you appeal this denial. There is a 60-day time limit for filing an appeal, so please contact us right away to ensure ample time for the process.


“Thank you Schroeter Goldmark & Bender for helping me through this case. My heart is filled with joy, and I would recommend your firm to others struggling to win their cases.”  —Fred